Don’t worry, you’ll grow into it

growA lot of people have a conflicted relationship with marketing their businesses online.

They want to use their websites and social media get out there and attract new clients.

And at the same time, they’re concerned with being too visible, getting too much attention – or getting the wrong kind of attention. (What about the critics? What about my competitors? What about the mean people? Or the crazy people?)

They approach online marketing with a mixture of fear and unrealistic expectations.

Which leads to procrastination and wanting to get things perfect and have all their ducks lined up in a row before they put anything out there.

Leading to disappointment.

“I wrote a blog post – and I’m not at the top of Google! I wrote it YESTERDAY. How long does this take?” (After waiting 3 months for the perfect timing to “launch” a new website.)

It’s not that easy…and at the same time, it’s not that hard.

For you, the worrier, the frustrating part of online marketing is your friend. You’ll have a chance to grow into it. (Barbara Sher addresses this nicely: 7 tips from Barbara Sher)

It takes time to build an audience and attract “eyeballs”

  • By the time you get used to pushing the publish button on your website or social media – you’ll start to feel frustrated that more people aren’t reading or paying attention!
  • By the time your writing/videos/audios get better, your initial less-than-superb efforts will be buried in the past
  • By the time you get negative feedback about anything, you’ll have received enough positive feedback to be able to handle it. (After all, the first people to see your work are going to be your fans and supporters. Also: most people are nice.)

The only way you grow is by doing.

Ease into the water. You don’t have to dive off the high board to get started.


  1. Amanda O'Leary on February 24, 2015 at 8:11 pm

    I love your comment that we worry and stress that “OH MY!!! I’ll be too popular if I do this, I won’t know how to handle all things that come with such overwhelming success. Push over Oprah!” (okay you didn’t say quite that) and yet we are so disappointed that when we do finally publish something, it’s not picked up by CNN. 🙂

    • Patty K on February 24, 2015 at 9:48 pm