Are unrealistic expectations getting in the way of your success?

I don’t feel like I’m getting anywhere

Sometimes this really weird thing happens.

I’ll ask a client for an update – and I’ll hear things like:

  • I got a new client this week
  • 5 people showed up for my info session
  • 20 people said “yes” to a discovery session and 7 responded to set up an appointment
  • 10 people signed up for my newsletter

When I hear these results, I say:

  • YAY! You got a new client!
  • YAY! 5 people are interested enough in what you do to attend an info session!
  • YAY! 20 people expressed interest! And 7 are willing to talk to you!
  • YAY! You added 10 names to your email list!

These are positive results! Let’s throw the confetti!

I worked MORE than 4 hours this week. Where is my laptop lifestyle?

But instead…I hear disappointment

  • I only got 1 client.
  • I was hoping to get 50 people into my info session, but only 5 showed up.
  • I had twenty yeses, but only 7 people made appointments.
  • It took a long time to write that blog post and I only got 10 signups

And sometimes this disappointment leads to self-doubt, stalling…or even quitting

It’s too much work.

This isn’t working.

I need to change my offer.

I need to find a different way to market myself.

Maybe I’m not cut out to be in business.

The real problem: we’re being set up to expect unrealistic results

Make a million dollars a minute (while you sleep) with my proven blueprint

Every time I go into Facebook, browse book or blog post titles or listen to a motivational speaker – I see things like:

  • 10X your sales by next week
  • Make 6 figures in 6 weeks
  • Build a 7 figure business this year
  • Make $100,000 in a weekend
  • Get 10,000 people on your email list in 3 months

These results might be possible if you’ve been in business for a while and you’re READY to implement the advice.

They might be possible if you “invest” many thousands of dollars buying your way to the top (joining premium masterminds, spending a LOT of money on advertising, paying to present on a guru’s big stage.)

For most people – especially if you’re just starting out and don’t have a ton of cash to spend – those results are not realistic. (Seriously: if it was that fast and easy, everyone and his dog who has 2 grand to spend on a “Secret Magic Bullet Blueprint” program would be killing it.)

Here’s the truth: businesses are built one client, one conversation at a time. It takes time. And persistence.

Anyone who says otherwise probably has a $2,000 miracle program to sell you.

Positive results (no matter how small) are proof that you’re doing something right

Imagine what could happen if you kept moving forward – instead of watching get rich quick webinars like this bunny (the guilty look gives it away)

  • If you can get one client…you can get another one.
  • If 5 people show up for an info session…what could happen if you did one every week? What could happen if you improve your sales copy and do more promotion?
  • If 7 people agree to talk to you…there’s a good chance you’ll make a sale. The other 13 might need more time to get to know you before they take that next step.
  • If 10 people sign up for your email list, you have 10 potential clients to keep in touch with.

Acknowledge and celebrate each success.

Do more of what works.

Extrapolate those results over time: imagine what could happen in your business if you consistently took these actions for the next year?

Don’t give up because you didn’t make your first million overnight.



  1. Rosalie Boulter on November 17, 2017 at 6:22 pm

    You got it, Patty, except the $2000 miracle program is often $20,000!

    • Patty K on November 17, 2017 at 6:34 pm

      Sadly true.