YOU-Shaped Business Book Resource Kit

Goals & Numbers

Determine what you need to charge and how many clients you'll need to meet your financial goals. Includes a groovy spreadsheet to help with the math!

If you have an existing business, you can use the marketing assessment to determine where to focus your marketing plan.

Planning & Tracking

Decide when you're going to do what - then record your results. Includes another groovy spreadsheet for tracking and math!

Documents & Links


Chapter 1: You

Competition Survey

Profile Questionnaire

Chapter 2: Your Clients

Ideal Client Profile Questionnaire

Chapter 3: Your Services

Service Packages Worksheet

Chapter 5: Your Marketing System

Your Marketing System - Big Picture

Chapter 6: Marketing Materials

Sales Page Questionnaire

Chapter 7: How to talk about your business

Networking Introduction Templates

Chapter 8: Sales Conversations

Sales Conversation Outline

Chapter 9: Website

Website Template

Chapter 10: Content Marketing

Content Marketing Guide