Focus your marketing. Get more business.

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The executive summary:

  • You can market your business in dozens of different ways
  • Most people scatter their energy trying to do too much – and end up doing none of it well
  • What would happen if you chose ONE way to market and focused on that (until you got good at it and until it worked…before adding something else?)

You can’t do it all…and if you try, you won’t do any of it well

When it comes to marketing your business, you have options. Probably too many.

There are dozens of ways to get the word out about what you do. New technologies and social media platforms spring up all the time.

I’ve met a lot of people who are trying to squeeze more and more different marketing activities into their days. I often hear something like this:

I’m on Twitter. And LinkedIn. And Facebook. And a bunch of other systems I’ve never heard of. I never go there, but I have this program that you just “set and forget” and it blasts stuff out for me.

Of course, when I question them about results, they usually aren’t getting any. But they’re scared to stop for fear of missing out or being left behind.

What if you were only allowed to do one marketing activity?

Imagine, for a moment, that you lived in an alternate universe.

In this universe, there is a rule that all businesses MUST follow, that states:

You may only choose ONE marketing activity.

That’s it. Pick one and focus all your marketing time and attention on it.

Any marketing activity can lead to success if you put the time and effort into learning how to doing it well – and then executing consistently.

If all your time is freed up to focus on one activity, you could use the cycle of success to get good at it.


Learn how to do your chosen activity well. Take a course, read a book, get some coaching. Get ready to take action.

If you choose in-person networking, you might research groups to attend (check out and prepare an introduction for yourself.

If you choose Facebook, you might create a business page and develop a strategy for posting.


Take action. Consistently. Execute to the best of your ability.

Show up at the networking events. Follow up with the people you meet. Have phone conversations and coffee meetings.

If Facebook is your thing, spend time on it daily. Engage in conversations with people. Share useful information.


What’s working? What isn’t? How can you do this better?

Is one networking group better than another? Can you make your introduction better? Can you implement systems for following up?

Is a certain time of day better for Facebook? Which posts get more attention than others? Would Facebook advertising be useful?

Take this feedback and go back to the prepare stage. Tweak your approach, take classes or read a book. Continue to execute consistently.

If you focused on a single marketing activity until you got really, really good at it…how do you think it would impact your business?