Marketing is easier when you specialize

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The executive summary:

  • When people buy, they prefer to work with a specialist
  • You can specialize in people (who you work with) or the problem you solve or the process (how you do it)
  • Specializing makes your marketing easier!

Who would you rather work with: a generalist or a specialist?

If you have a specific problem, for example: a broken foot, and everything else was equal, who would you choose:

  • A doctor that can help with anything?
  • A foot specialist?

Most people prefer to work with a specialist.

And it’s easier to market when you specialize!

Here are 3 ways you can specialize in your business

People: a specific target market or niche

You can specialize in working with a specific group of people. You can be THE life coach for stay-at-home moms. Or THE chiropractor for professional athletes.

When you specialize in working with a distinct group, it becomes much easier to FIND prospective clients:

  • You know who they are, so you know where they hang out
  • You know what they’re interested in, what they read, what other people they buy from
  • You can describe them so that other people can refer you (great for networking!)

And you can become extremely knowledgeable about their unique situations and the problems they have – so you’ll get better at serving them. Your testimonials, coming from similar people, will give you social proof that will further cement your reputation as an expert in helping “people like me.”

Problems: the problems you solve (and/or the wants and desires you help people attain)

Or you could focus your business on solving a specific problem. You can be THE person to turn to for overcoming procrastination. Or THE naturopath for digestive issues.

Focusing on a problem makes it easier to TALK to the people who need you.

  • You can easily capture people’s attention by mentioning the problem they have
  • People will search for answers/solutions
  • Referrals can come easier. People tend to talk about their problems, so it’s easy to say: “Hey, I know someone who could help you with that!”

You can develop a reputation – with matching testimonials – for solving specific problems or getting excellent results.

Process: specializing in HOW you do what you do

Sometimes people are looking for something done in a specific way: using a certain software program or following a specific process. You could be THE computer support person for Google docs. Or THE leadership trainer who uses DISC.

Specializing in how can position you as an EXPERT in what you do

  • People may search for you by using the specific skill/program/system they are looking for
  • You can develop a reputation as a leader in your field – the expert’s expert
  • You can get referrals from colleagues whose clients are looking for a specific skill set they don’t have

Being THE go-to expert in something specific can also make it easier to charge higher fees.

How do you specialize?

You could choose to specialize in one of the above – or 2 of the above – or even all 3.

How do you specialize in your business?