the Bridge Assessment Method

a sales & marketing course for coaches and consultants

In a nutshell

  • Weekend Intensive: July 18 & 19
  • 4 follow up sessions: time/date to be determined by the group (we'll find a slot that works for everyone
  • Class limited to 8 people max
  • Tuition is $1,500 (or $2,500 with 1:1 support option)

OMG...this works!

"Woo hoo!!!! I got another client!!!"

This is the subject line of an email we received from a client the other day. Her first 3 appointments resulted in 2 new clients.

For the past 18 months, we've been testing and refining a system to solve the 2 biggest problems our clients face:

  1. How to get "leads" (people who may be interested in hiring you) to book onto your calendar for a call
  2. How to convert those leads into clients (without pushy gross sales tactics or awkward inauthentic "enrollment conversations")

Our system is simple. It's easy to implement, easy to operate...and it works. No complicated tech. No hype.

This class will take you step-by-step through customizing and implementing the system in your business.

"I used to HATE sales conversations. Now I LOVE them!"

The thing our clients like the most about our methodology is how it FEELS to do it.

Our system is rooted in honesty, authenticity and empathy.

The "sales conversation" itself delivers value (2 of our clients have received spontaneous testimonials for the sales call alone!)

No tricks. No unrealistic promises. No pushiness. No artificial "scarcity" or "urgency" - and no self-promotional blah blah blah.

In the words of our clients:

  • I feel so PROFESSIONAL conducting these
  • Your system is like a breath of fresh air. My whole body relaxes when I think about "selling" now. The pressure is gone. This soooo much more authentic.
  • I didn't WANT to have sales conversations. I wanted people to just buy from my "funnel" or through facebook or email. But that didn't work. This does. And it's way easier than I thought it would be.

Why it's so challenging to sell transformational services like coaching or consulting

Here you go: a box full of confidence, new skills and results!

Selling transformation isn't the same as selling other services for 2 big reasons:

  1. You can't deliver the result directly. Wouldn't it be so much easier if you could just pack up the change your clients want and ship it to them in a box? Here you go: the body you always wanted, the relationship you dreamed of, a new culture for your organization, a more fulfilling life, the ability to speak confidently in public
  2. The actual service you sell isn't desirable on it's own. Hours? Sessions? Accountability? Questions? Let's face it: while there are definitely some great moments in a coaching or consulting relationship - a lot of it is hard work that requires vulnerability and courage.

Marketing and sales techniques that work for selling services with done-for-you deliverables (like website design) or an inherently enjoyable experience (like massage) don't work for coaching and consulting.

There's a GAP between what your clients want and what you offer.

Our approach bridges that gap. Quite literally...

Pro tip: consider the acronym when choosing a name. Assessment Selling System was our second choice.

Introducing the Bridge Assessment Methodology (BAM!)

Our unique system builds a bridge between what your clients want and the specific services you offer.

The assessment is valuable and clarifying to your potential clients. (This makes it easy to offer!)

It's also a powerful sales tool that demonstrates your credibility, showcases you as a professional and removes the need for any pushy or uncomfortable "sales techniques."

The conversation flows naturally and professionally.

Your potential clients see for themselves how you can help them - and often inquire about your services before you even have a chance to bring them up!

Meet your coaches: Georgee and Patty

We're so famous we have a show!

We work together to support our clients from two different sides.

Georgee "hearts and flowers" Low focuses on the human side of success - bringing tools and techniques for initiating and building heart-centered relationships with clients and partners - and using her NLP voodoo to help people break through personal barriers like fear, unworthiness and limiting beliefs

Patty "boxes and arrows" K focuses on the words and strategy side of business - bringing a systems analyst perspective to marketing plans and strategies and her copywriting/messaging superpower to finding the right words to explain what you do so that potential clients GET it (and buy it!)

We each bring a ton of real world business experience (over 50 years between us - gulp) and an unrelenting focus on helping our clients get results. More details here: About Us

How the program works and what you get

The overview webinar: learn how the system works and determine whether it's a good fit for YOU

This part is free! Attend our introductory webinar and learn exactly how the system works.

  • Get the big picture roadmap to building a successful coaching or consulting business
  • Assess your business to see how you're doing in each of 8 critical areas so that you know exactly where to focus (pro tip: this is a demonstration of how the assessment system works!)
  • Learn the 3-step strategy that you will implement in this course

We recognize that our system is NOT a good fit for everybody. The free online class will show you exactly what you're signing up for - if you love it, please join us!

Details and registration: free online class

The weekend intensive: build your system (while having fun!)

This is a "hands on" doing workshop. By the end of the weekend, you will have:

  • A bridge assessment for your business completed - including
    • Client worksheet
    • Facilitator's copy
  • A fully customized sales conversation (featuring the bridge assessment) so that you are ready to go the moment someone books onto your calendar
  • Written and conversational invitations to your assessment so that you know exactly what to say
  • A plan for inviting people that you can implement on Monday morning

Most of the weekend will be spent doing, discussing and practicing. The small group size ensures that you'll get personal feedback.

Implementation support: 4 weeks of encouragement, accountability and help for specific situations

The group will meet weekly for support and feedback. We'll help:

  • Answer your questions and help you handle specific situations
  • Brainstorm ideas for finding more people to invite to your assessment
  • Celebrate your wins
  • Develop a positive mindset and overcome any blocks that get in the way of taking action
  • Fine-tune your invitations and processes

We'll choose a day and time that works for everyone.

Personal support option: extra help and a guarantee

Want some private coaching and feedback? The personal support option includes:

  • Role-playing practice session with both Georgee and Patty to fine-tune your assessment and your sales conversation
  • Written invitation and assessment review & feedback from Patty - send her your stuff and she'll send back suggestions and edits
  • Direct outreach strategy session with Georgee: make a plan and overcome any fears, blocks or beliefs that might be getting in the way

We will work with you until you succeed. You get unlimited "bat phone" access to both of us until you've made back at least your initial investment.

Investment Details

Yes! You can upgrade to the support option after completing the course

Your first step to signing up is to meet with us to make sure it's a good fit

Course Only

  • Weekend Intensive
  • 4 Week Implementation Support
  • Videos and worksheets

Private Support Option

  • Weekend Intensive
  • 4 Week Implementation Support
  • Videos and worksheets
  • Role play session with Patty and Georgee
  • Assessment and copy feedback from Patty
  • Strategy and support session with Georgee
  • Unlimited "bat phone" access until you make your investment back

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What hours are the weekend intensive?

A: We'll be starting at 9:30 am Pacific time and wrapping up around 3:00 pm Pacific time. You'll be spending some of that time off camera working on assignments.

Q: Will this be recorded?

A: Only the parts where we're giving instructions and explaining how to do the assignments. Discussions and activities will not be recorded.

Q: Will I be on camera?

A: Yes. We will be using Zoom meeting and we'll be able to see each other. We want this to be as close to an in-person workshop as we can make it.

Q: I have a question you haven't answered.

A: You can contact us! We're also happy to hop on a zoom call with you to help you decide whether or not this is a good fit for you. You can book directly onto our calendar here: set up a call with Georgee and Patty