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How to get coaching and consulting clients without cold calling, complicated tech or pushy gross sales tactics

OMG...this works!

"Woo hoo!!!! I got another client!!!"

This is the subject line of an email we received from a client the other day. Her first 3 appointments resulted in 2 new clients.

For the past 18 months, we've been testing and refining a system to solve the 2 biggest problems our clients face:

  1. How to get "leads" (people who may be interested in hiring you) to book onto your calendar for a call
  2. How to convert those leads into clients (without pushy gross sales tactics or awkward inauthentic "enrollment conversations")

Our system is simple. It's easy to implement, easy to operate...and it works. No complicated tech. No hype.

This class will show you how to do it.

Meet your facilitators: Georgee and Patty

We have a show!

We work together to support our clients from two different sides.

Georgee "hearts and flowers" Low focuses on the human side of success - bringing tools and techniques for initiating and building heart-centered relationships with clients and partners - and using her NLP voodoo to help people break through personal barriers like fear, unworthiness and limiting beliefs

Patty "boxes and arrows" K focuses on the words and strategy side of business - bringing a systems analyst perspective to marketing plans and strategies and her copywriting/messaging superpower to finding the right words to explain what you do so that potential clients GET it (and buy it!)

We each bring a ton of real world business experience (over 50 years between us - gulp) and an unrelenting focus on helping our clients get results. More details here: About Us

What you'll learn in this online class:

  • Discover the 8 things you need to have in place to create a successful coaching or consulting business
  • Assess how you're doing in each of those areas so that you know where to focus your efforts
  • Learn our exclusive Bridge Assessment Methodology - a simple, 3-step sales and marketing system designed specifically to sell coaching and consulting services

Our classes have been described as "better than doing laundry"

testimonial photo - workshop is better than doing laundry

Our workshops have been described as "Better than doing laundry!"

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will there be a recording?

A: Yes. We will send it to everyone who registers.

Attend the live event if you can. You'll be more likely to do it/watch it - and the Q&A part at the end is often the most valuable!

Q: Will I be on camera?

A: Nope. We're using Zoom webinar, so you'll be able to see us but we won't be able to see you.

Q: I have a question you haven't answered.

A: You can contact us...or just register. It is FREE you know! 🙂

The best webinar I ever attended

I must say that yesterday's webinar was the best webinar I ever attended. And I have attended many many various webinars from experts. You both have so much valuable information, it was just incredible.