When it comes to marketing…are you an Innie or an Outie?

There are 2 general preferences for approaching the challenge of “getting new clients”

Let’s call them Innies and Outies.

Marketing according to Outies: clients are “out there” – I’m going to go get them!

When you ask Outies about their marketing plan, they’ll have things like direct outreach (making calls or sending emails), attending networking events, actively engaging people on social media.

Executed well, with a good message and a client-centered approach – this approach works very very well.

Executed poorly, it’s exhausting, frustrating and ineffective.

Outies run into problems like these:

  • Lots of meetings and conversations that don’t go anywhere (lots of activity, but not directly related to bringing in business, being popular but not profitable)
  • Sales conversations that don’t result in sales – either because they don’t do a great job of explaining how their service will help someone or they end up talking to a lot of people who will never buy
  • Potential clients slipping through the cracks because they can’t find written content (website copy!) to “check them out” privately before calling or accepting a meeting

If you’re an Outie and struggling (and you’ve slowed down long enough to read this) – fixing your message and strategy will be life and business changing.

Innies, on the other hand, really like the idea of attracting clients to them

Innie marketing plans include things websites, email newsletters, blogging and article writing, advertising and “funnels.” (They often wish they could “hire someone” to do the sales and marketing FOR them.)

Innie marketing plans tend to be more well-thought out and strategic.

If they have good copywriting skills and a grounded, real-life understanding of their prospective clients, Innie plans can work. They may take longer to get traction.

Innies run into problems like these:

  • Losing sales because they’re uncomfortable having a sales conversation or following up
  • Developing programs that don’t sell and marketing that doesn’t work because they are IMAGINING what their clients want instead of talking to real people
  • Getting “crickets” – no one reading their posts, no traffic to their website, not enough sign-ups for their funnel or email list

If you’re an Innie and struggling (and let’s face it…if you’re reading this, you probably are) – getting comfortable talking to people directly will change everything. 

When we run into problems, we have a tendency to double down on our natural preference.

Outies think they’ll solve their problem by talking to more people.

Innies think they’ll solve their problem by rewriting their website copy.

The most efficient and effective answer is to is incorporate some of the other preference.

Outies need to focus on message and strategy.

Innies need to get better at talking to people.

I am an Innie. I’ve built my business on the strength of my copywriting and teaching skills.

Georgee is an Outie. She’s built businesses by LITERALLY knocking on doors.

Over the past year, we’ve been testing strategies that bring both sides together.

In our most recent iteration, we’ve struck GOLD.

The system is simple.

It harnesses the synergy between Innie and Outie – without requiring people to change their preferred preference.

The Innie strategy and messaging is boiled down and efficient. We have templates to use and examples to modify (and instructions to help you customize it for YOUR business), so our Outie clients don’t have to spend a lot of time sitting still, thinking and writing.

The Outie strategy of getting out there and talking to people and having (gasp) sales conversations is built around Georgee’s heart-to-heart sales methodology (which is the opposite of pushy and icky.) We also use a structured format that makes it so much easier for Innies (because they know exactly what to say.)

Because the whole program is client-centred, respectful, generous and helpful – it’s easy to execute. (Even for us Innies.)

Our clients are filling their calendars with meetings and making sales. (And we’re doing the happy dance every time they email or text us with positive results.)

We’ve taken this strategy and built a step-by-step program. We’re offering it as a no-brainer-priced online self-paced program or you can have BOTH of us coach you through it.

The first module (an overview of the complete plan) is free, we’re delivering it live via zoom webinar on Wednesday, March 11. (Yes…there will be a recording.)

You can register for the webinar here: Free Online Class