7 ways to love your clients

Our theme this month is doing business with love.

Which begs the question: so, how do you do that?

In today’s video (scroll down for text version) I offer 7 specific suggestions. (Spoiler: number 3 may surprise you!)

1. Offer complete solutions

The answer to your problem is in this box. Oh no. Wait. The answer is “love.” Yes. That’s my final answer.

One of the most loving things you can do for your clients is to offer a service that actually includes everything they need in order to solve their problem or get the result they’re looking for.

When you’re designing your service packages, consider everything from the client’s perspective: what do they need?

2. Explain what they get

Give them the information they need in order to make a good decision.

Spell out what they get on your website. Who is it for? What will this help with? Answer all their questions.

This includes letting them know why your service is great and how it differs from your competitors.

3. Invite them to buy

Why yes, I’d love to work with you!

A number of years ago, I attended a Toastmasters officer training session about how to bring new members into clubs. One of the things we were advised to do was to ask guests to join.

I did NOT want to do that. It felt pushy. And uncomfortable.

Then the trainer said something that instantly changed my mind.

“If you don’t ask them, they might think you don’t want them.”

Yikes! What a terrible thing that would be…for them to feel like they’re unwanted, unwelcome or “not good enough” to join. From that day forward, I always made a point of inviting guests to join.

The same thing can happen with potential clients. If you don’t ask them to become a client, they might think:

  • You don’t like them or don’t want to work with them
  • They’re not a good fit for your business
  • You don’t have any room for new clients

If you’re having a conversation with someone you’d like to work with (and who you believe you can help) – then do them a favour and let them know! Tell them that they would be an ideal client, that you would love to work with them – ask them if they’d like to sign up.

4. Deliver what you promise

Here you go. EVERYTHING you ordered!

I once purchased one of those super hypey $2,000 programs from a famous internet marketer. (One day I’ll write an entire post about this.)

Part of what inspired me to buy was one of the bonus items that was included.

I didn’t get the bonus right away. The primary product was “dripped out” over time – one module per week – so I figured the bonus would arrive at the end. But it didn’t.

One day, I checked the mail and I received a box from this marketer. I opened it. Cookies.

My first thought: mmmmm cookies.

My second thought: where the f*@k is my bonus stuff?

I ended up having to bug them to get the bonus materials.

Sending cookies is a nice thing to do. It doesn’t make up for not delivering what you promised.

5. Ask for feedback

Check in with your clients to see how things are going. Ask what’s working well, where they’re receiving value. And ask if there’s anything you could be doing better or differently to serve them.

The positive comments are a great way to get testimonials.

The suggestions for improvement can give you ideas for new services – or ways to make what you’re doing now even better.

And if they’re unhappy, you have an opportunity to make it up to them.

Which brings us to…

6. Fix problems

Hey. This image works for “fix problems” AND for “increase skills.” Do both of those things!

Apologize. Make it right. Offer something extra.

If someone cared enough to complain, they’re still invested in the relationship. They’re giving you valuable feedback to improve your business.

Do a good job fixing a problem and you may turn an unhappy client into a raving fan.

7. Increase your skills

The idea for this article sprung out of the fact that I just completed a coaching program. I invested a considerable amount of time and money and effort into getting better at what I do so that I can serve my clients better.

Stay up to date. Learn new things. This increases your value to your clients.

It will also serve you to learn new sales and marketing skills as well – because if you can’t attract enough clients to create a successful business, you won’t be able to help anyone.