Are you one of us?

A "YOU-Shaped" Business isn't for everyone (and that's OK)

Some (most?) business owners are content to follow the traditional path: find out "what the market needs" and build a business around that. Even better: buy a franchise or copy someone else's business model entirely.

They say things like: "don't reinvent the wheel."

If you hate that saying, you're probably one of us! (Our motto could be: "I can make a better wheel!")

As YOU-Shaped business owners, we are DRIVEN to do our thing in our way.

We're the innovators, the improvers, the creators of new and better.

We see things that others don't: the big picture, the connections, the root causes.

We agree with Simon Sinek: Start with WHY!

We have a purpose and a mission.

Money alone is not enough! (And phooey on those who say that "the only purpose of a business is to make money")

We want our work to make a difference.

We're life-long learners who are GREAT at what we do - and we're getting better every day.

If that sounds like you, you're in the right place!

And you're in good company 🙂

Hi...we're Georgee and Patty.

Our mission is to help you make a living with yours.

Without compromising your vision, your ethics or your values.

Without shaving off the edges of your genius to "specialize" or to fit into someone else's cookie-cutter marketing model.

What is a YOU-Shaped Business?

We share some thoughts and ideas in this video.