Create a business as unique as you are

A YOU-Shaped business is built around YOU.

  • What you want to do and how you want to do it: your services
  • Who you want to work with: your ideal clients
  • Your values, beliefs, strengths and personality: your personal brand


A YOU-Shaped business is built around YOU. In this class, you'll explore key questions about what you want to do and how you want to perform your work. We'll also cover:

  • How to identify your strengths
  • What to include on your profile, bio or About page
  • How to use your personal brand to stand apart from others who similar work

Your Clients

Knowing who is most likely to buy from you makes marketing your services a LOT easier. Your ideal client profile makes it easier for you to find clients, evaluate opportunities and speak in a way that captures their attention and draws them toward you.

  • How to create an Ideal Client Profile
  • Where to find Ideal Clients
  • How to get the information you need to create your Ideal Client Profile


Your Services

Strong marketing begins with packaging. Create a service package based on your clients' needs and put it into a box labeled "The Answer to your Problem" - making it irresistible to your ideal clients.

  • How to create Service Packages (3 different ways)
  • What to include in your service packages
  • How to set the right price for your package


How to create a marketing system based on how people buy

People love to buy...but they hate to be sold. When you create a marketing system based on how people buy, you can position yourself as a trusted advisor instead of a pushy sales person.

  • AIDA: the 4 stage process people go through while making a purchase decision
  • KLT: The power of Know, Like and Trust
  • The 3 step system to attract strangers who need your services and turn them into happy paying clients


Sales Pages: how to describe your services so that people buy

Marketing is communication. The ability to explain what you do in terms of how it helps your ideal clients makes the difference between marketing that works and marketing that doesn't.

  • How to apply AIDA to all of your marketing materials
  • How to turn your features (attributes of your service) into benefits (what you clients get out of it)
  • How to eliminate the FUD (fear, uncertainty and doubt) that stands in the way of the purchase

Awareness Activities: How to attract the Attention of strangers who need your services

The first stage of your marketing system is Awareness. No one can purchase from you until they know you exist! This stage is typically what we think of when we think about "marketing"

  • How to introduce yourself and talk about your business so that people get a clear picture about what you do
  • Networking and Prospecting
  • Attending Events and Direct Outreach

The KLT Experience: Showing your clients you can help them

This second stage of your marketing system matches your potential client's Interest stage. Your goal in this middle stage is to educate people about how you can help them through workshops, webinars, conversations and content marketing.

  • The difference between interactive experiences and one-way broadcasts
  • How to create group and 1:1 KLT Experiences
  • How to segue to a sales conversation

The Sales Conversation: Moving potential clients from Desire to Action

They’re Interested and they Desire what you have to offer, now they’re ready to buy. The final step in your system is to enable the purchase.

  • How to package your sales conversation into a valuable Discovery, Clarity or Strategy Session
  • How to handle nervousness
  • How to structure your sales conversation

The YOU-Shaped Website: your 24/7 sales partner

Your website gives your business credibility. It makes your business “real” and it’s the first place people will go when they are seriously interested in your business. A good website is also a powerful sales and marketing tool.

  • Where your website fits into your marketing plan
  • How to structure your navigation and content
  • What pages to include and what to write on them

Content Marketing: how to build credibility by sharing your expertise

Content marketing includes blogging, creating videos and podcasts. It's a great way to build know, like and trust and to nurture your potential clients by staying in front of them with valuable information.

  • What to share freely and what to hold back
  • How to come up with good ideas for content
  • How to plan your content and stay consistent