Relationship Marketing Intensive

get it done in one day!

In a nutshell

  • One Day Intensive: September 12, 2020
  • 9:30 - 3:00ish via zoom (Pacific time)
  • Leave with a completed plan (and a bunch of other stuff)
  • Tuition is $500

Want a more successful business? Build great relationships!

The fastest and most effective way to succeed in business is through building relationships

Relationships with future clients deliver revenue.

Relationships with networking partners lead to referrals.

Relationships with colleagues and peers provide support, ideas and opportunities.

This workshop is designed to help you:

  • Implement a relationship-building plan for your business
  • Figure out who to talk to and what to say
  • Get better and more effective at connecting with people

We created this workshop to help 2 specific groups of people:

  1. Social butterflies who spend a lot of time meeting people, having conversations, connecting via social media...but it's not leading to business. 
  2. Quieter, more introverted (even shy) people who feel awkward or uncomfortable approaching people

The solution for BOTH of these groups is to have really good answers to the following 3 questions:

Who do I talk to? Where can I find them? What should I say?

We will spend the day answering those questions for YOUR business.

Introvert? Shy? Socially anxious? Here's a special message from Patty

Even us shy mousies can learn this stuff!

Relationship-building is one of those things that comes really easily to some people.

For the rest of us (this is Patty speaking) - it's not so obvious. Perhaps you can relate to some of the following?

  • I know I should "follow up" with people...but what should I say? (And how can I do that without being a pest?)
  • I had someone who was interested in working with me a while back and we somehow lost it possible to reconnect? (And how can I do that without it being all awkward and embarrassing?)
  • I know I should attend networking events, but I feel uncomfortable walking up to strangers to introduce there a way to do this without getting tongue-tied? (And how can I do this without getting cornered by that pushy salesy person everyone else is avoiding?)
  • I know I should be "building a network" of people who may be able to help there a way of doing this that doesn't feel like "using" people?

And the toughest one of all: I know I should reach out directly to potential clients or networking partners...but what do I SAY? (And how can I do this without sounding desperate or pushy?)

If this is you, this workshop could really be a game-changer. (I wish I had a Georgee to guide me through the above years ago!)

Meet your facilitators: Georgee and Patty (mostly Georgee for this one)

We're so famous we have a show!

We work together to support our clients from two different sides.

Georgee "hearts and flowers" Low focuses on the human side of success - bringing tools and techniques for initiating and building heart-centered relationships with clients and partners - and using her NLP magic to help people break through personal barriers like fear, unworthiness and limiting beliefs

Patty "boxes and arrows" K focuses on the words and strategy side of business - bringing a systems analyst perspective to marketing plans and strategies and her copywriting/messaging superpower to finding the right words to explain what you do so that potential clients GET it (and buy it!)

This workshop is a "Georgee topic" so she'll do most of the teaching. Georgee has a huge network, is a master of relationship-building and is fearless about reaching out and UP. (She's also a card-carrying introvert - even if she doesn't appear to be one!)

Patty will be there to chime in with "shy person/introvert hacks" - she's especially good at adding a bit of "writing" to the mix to make the whole thing less awkward.

This is a sit your butt in a chair and get stuff done day

There will be very little in the way of "lecture" - the focus of the day will be on doing stuff and getting feedback

Here's what we're going to accomplish:

Answer "who do I talk to?" with a detailed plan

A good relationship marketing plan covers 3 groups of people:

  • Future clients!
  • Potential partners (referrals and collaborations)
  • Your wider network (colleagues and supporters)

By the end of the day, you'll have:

  • An inventory of your current network (you probably know more people than you think!)
  • A Top X list of people you want to connect with (and a plan to make those connections...without being obnoxious or pestiferous)
  • A clear description of your future clients (so that you can easily ask for good connections)

Banish "what do I say?" with conversational scriptlets you can use in person or via text/email/social media

We'll help you craft messages that are respectful, caring and sound like you.

You'll leave with a "scriptlet" for each of the following scenarios:

  • Introducing yourself (to a potential client, potential collaborator or referral partner)
  • Asking for referrals, support or opportunities
  • Following up with potential clients - including those people you "should have" followed up with long ago
  • Gracefully extracting yourself from a conversation that's going nowhere
  • Moving a conversation from "small talk" to business
  • Inviting people to your assessment or sales conversation

Have a specific communication challenge? Bring it!

Overcome nerves, awkwardness and "sales call reluctance"

A LOT of people experience nervousness or anxiety about approaching people, self-promoting and asking for things. This is so common that sales trainers have a term for this: "call reluctance."

You may find that while you have those thoughts and feelings NOW (before the workshop) - they may evaporate once you have your words and approach laid out. (And you find out that we don't do anything gross, icky, salesy, off-putting or annoying.)

Georgee will also share some easy techniques you can use to quickly move past these uncomfortable feelings so that you can stop procrastinating and putting off these connections that you know you need to make.

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$500 + GST

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long is the workshop?

A: We'll be starting at 9:30 am Pacific time and wrapping up around 3:00 pm Pacific time. You'll have several "working breaks" where you can get away from your computer.

Q: Will this be recorded?

A: Only the parts where we're giving instructions and explaining how to do the assignments. Discussions and activities will not be recorded.

Q: Will I be on camera?

A: Yes! We will be using Zoom meeting and we'll be able to see each other. We want this to be as close to an in-person workshop as we can make it.

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