Permission to think small, be small, stay small

Gratuitous kitten says small is purrfect

The size of the business you want is the size of the business you want (don’t let the “go big or go home” people shame you into thinking otherwise)

It’s perfectly OK to work with 3 clients or 5 clients or 1 client at a time if that’s what works for you.

It’s perfectly OK to have small financial goals if you don’t *need* or *want* to make more.

It’s perfectly OK to charge by the hour or session.

It’s perfectly OK to charge a lower fee.

What you charge per hour is no reflection on your value as a person

You don’t have to grow if you don’t want to (and no…you are not “dying” if you choose to remain at a size that fits YOU.)

You can “create yourself a job” and never hire a team or assistant or outsource anything if you don’t want to.

A small business is a legitimate business.

Small can be sustainable.

Small can create an environment for deep work and true transformation over time.

Small can have a big impact (especially when you consider the “ripple effect” of your work.)

Small can be personal and customized.

Small can give you space and time and freedom to pursue other things besides “more business”

Small can be simple – and non-technical!

Small can make a very good living.

Small can be started on the side. (It can even stay there!)

Even if you *want* something bigger, small is where it all starts.

Every successful business started with one client. (Even the people who sell the shortcuts started at square one like everyone else.)