The Go-Giver Way: An Interview with Bob Burg

Wednesday, September 9, 2020
9:30 am Pacific
via zoom

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Bob Burg - the know like and trust guy

Bob's official blurb is below - but we think of him as "the know, like and trust guy" - because he is the originator of the following often quoted (and not always attributed) bit of wisdom:

All things being equal, people do business with, and refer business to people they know, like and trust. ~ Bob Burg

The concept of building know, like and trust is a cornerstone of how we conduct business and we are super excited to have Bob join us for this special interview.

The Go-Giver Way

Give exceptional value. Enjoy extraordinary results.

Bob Burg, coauthor of the international bestseller, The Go-Giver and a much sought-after speaker at sales and leadership conferences, is committed to inspiring the entrepreneurial spirit in us all.

He shows that companies both large and small that conduct their businesses “The Go-Giver Way” are not only of much greater value to their customers; they are also significantly more functional, and profitable, as well.

Join us for a discussion with Bob covering:

  • Five Laws that will bring you both personal effectiveness and professional success.
  • The difference between price and value…and why that’s so vitally important to understand.
  • One golden nugget of advice from a “drive-by mentor” totally shifted Bob’s perspective and played a big role in his success.
  • Why asking if something will make money isn’t a bad question…it’s just a bad “first question.”
  • One thing to absolutely AVOID doing when seeking out a mentor.
  • Why being a “Go-Giver” is absolutely congruent with — and even honors — human nature.

Visit Bob's website for a free chapter of the Go-Giver and other resources

Go to Bob’s website and immediately download Chapter One from his international bestseller The Go-Giver and access lots of value-added resources such as the special report, Endless Prospects: The Go-Giver Way.