Interview with Trish Tansley – kicking the sugar habit

Trish Tansley is a certified holistic health, wellness and diabetes coach who also offers mini-retreats at her B&B so that her clients can rest, relax and revive.

Highlights of our interview:

  • Creating healthier habits and self-care in a busy world
  • How sugar is as addictive as heroin and cocaine – and is in EVERYTHING
  • Trish’s personal story about sugar addiction
  • The rise of diabetes type 2 and how it’s preventable
  • How you don’t have to be perfect – why it’s important to work with a coach who not only has training, but understands how it feels (aka: the Oreo story)
  • A quick tip for battling a sugar craving (hint: chocolate is involved)
  • Trish’s success tips: don’t get caught up in busy work – go out and be seen, go networking – go out and talk to people. Get a coach or mentor, hang out with people are successful.

And more! Including Trish’s 2 favourite sayings that she lives by: her 80% rule and the 3 Cs of life

Contact Trish: HealthyHabitswithTrish