Interview with Ricky Shetty – daddy blogger and digital nomad

I went right across the globe for my very first interview. Ricky Shetty joined me from the Philippines.

Most people just think about “selling everything and traveling the world” – Ricky actually decided to do it. He, his wife and 3 children are on a world tour – and in his spare time, Ricky runs and He’s a podcaster, youtube star, teacher, mastermind leader, coach and author of FIVE books.

Highlights of our interview:

  • The “why” behind his family’s decision to travel the world
  • How he went from “shy guy” to social butterfly – with some tips for trying new things and putting yourself out there
  • Multiple streams of income and experimenting to see what works best
  • Making business choices based on what works for YOU
  • The challenges of running a business through multiple time zones, sketchy internet connections and travel schedules