Interview with Lynne Brown: how to make better decisions

Lynne Brown is a life coach and decision-making expert.

Lynne and I talk about:

  • how women are conditioned to seek other people’s opinions when making decisions (and how it doesn’t serve them)
  • why big decisions can be complicated
  • why it’s critical to know your values in order to make good decisions
  • how an impartial third party – like a coach! – who only has your best interests in mind can help you make a better decision
  • about deciding with your heart and your gut and your logical brain
  • the difference between fear that guides you away from a bad decision and the fear that sometimes arises when making a good decision (and how to spot the difference)
  • where “spidey senses” come from

And more!

For more information or to follow Lynne, see her website: Lynne Brown Coaching