Interview with Karen Angelucci – healing, pleasure and dancing into your 90s

Karen Angelucci is the owner of Birthright Investment. She teaches workshops, speaks to groups, helps people select the right holistic practitioner and offers Pilates rehab and osteopathy services.

Highlights of our interview:

  • Practitioners don’t fix you, they open the door to your own natural healing and how you can help them help you by learning how to pay attention to your body
  • How problems or symptoms can originate in a different part of the body (aka: how falling on your tailbone can make the back of your head numb!)
  • Injuries happen in a split-second, but healing takes time
  • The body can heal, you can regain ability to do activities – even dancing into your 90s
  • Self care is not a luxury, it’s a necessity
  • The importance of paying attention to pleasure and joy

And more! Including Karen’s nugget of advice to her earlier self: your services are valuable, pay attention to your own financial needs, charging people is OK.

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