Hate writing "sales" emails? 3 Tips that can help.


Leaving aside the obvious (if people don’t buy from you, you can’t stay in business and thus can’t help anyone) – here are 3 perspective-changing things to remember the next time you need to send a promotional email (or pick up the phone to call someone!)

1. Offering paid services or programs IS helping people.

Free stuff can only go so far. Information alone is not enough.

People need help and support in order to make the changes they’re looking to make. This requires an investment of time and effort – and for most people, money.

The act of paying solidifies the commitment to change.

I know for myself, if I pay good money for a program or service, I want to get my “money’s worth” so I pay more attention. I do the work.

When I get something for free or for a low price, I tend to put it off.

(Maybe this is true for you, as well?)

2. Telling people about your paid services IS helping them.

Your future clients need help. They’re looking for it.

They’re starving for your sandwiches as Barbara Sher would say.

By placing your offer in front of them, you’re helping them find the help they need.

When you take the time to explain it fully, you’re helping them make a good decision about whether or not it’s right for them.

3. Reminding people about your paid services is ALSO helping them.

Your business and the service you offer is all-consuming to YOU. You live it and breathe it. You are constantly aware of it.

Your potential clients? Not so much. They have their own concerns. Your “thing” is barely a blip on their radar screen.

They may have missed your first message. Or they saw it, were interested…and then… squirrel!

We humans love to procrastinate and people often wait until the very last minute to make a decision.

So send the reminder.

But but but…what if people unsubscribe?

They might.

People unsubscribe for all kinds of reasons. They might be cranky that day and your email is just one too many. They may have moved on and are no longer interested in what you offer. Perhaps they’re already working with someone else.

The purpose of having “a list” is to make it easy for people to buy from you – not to accumulate a bigger and bigger number of subscribers. (Unless you’re more interested in being “popular” than profitable.)

If you never make offers, people can never buy.