EP 85: How to build authority…even if you’re just starting out

In this episode Patty answers the question….

“Dear Patty, It’s easy to market yourself when you’re established and have tons of clients and credibility. But what if you’re new? How do you establish authority?”
Signed…Frustrated Newbie

Whether you are just starting out or clearly on that path to mastery what Patty shares in today’s episode can help. Building authority is not a one time event. It is something you do on an ongoing basis.

Quote of the day: “The expert at anything was once a beginner.” Helen Hayes

Permission slip: “To be a beginner or an expert or somewhere on the journey.”

You have permission to be you, to be where you are, to know that you are enough and you are ready right now to go out in the world and help. You don’t have to have certain things checked off in order to start contributing value to the world.

Show notes

Definition of authority
The 2×2 matrix of authority building and the ideal quadrant to be in as an expert authority
Marketing that puts you in the fraud zone
Taking inventory of what you have going for you
The role of honesty and authenticity in authority building
Sharing your journey as a way to build authority
The fastest way to accelerate your learning and growth
The advantage of being new and just starting out
When it is ok to offer free or reduced rate services

Discussion notes

The value of your life experience
Are you a coach or a marketer?
Is the coaching industry more about marketing or helping people?
Why your lead magnet or the thing you give away for free should be something so good you could charge for it.
Getting clear about why you are doing what you are doing
The idea of discernment ( one of our favorite topics of conversation )
Smaller vs larger social media circles
Who does it make sense to make business connections with?
Answering the question: I hear everything is a numbers game so there is a lot of pressure to cast a wide net to get to the standard 1% conversion rate. I just started to develop a coaching business and want to have a small group format on meetup to make initial contact but I feel I should widen my net. I’m not as excited to do a large meeting but am afraid I’m missing an opportunity. Any advice?