EP 75: Marketing for Introverts

Please don’t make me post another selfie!

Does popular marketing advice make you want to crawl behind a rock?

Post selfies on social media!

Run facebook ads with your face on them!

Broadcast your highly personal stories. (Extra points for displaying vulnerability!)

Turn your camera on and “go live”!

Never eat lunch alone!

Phone people! (shudder)

Then this episode is for you!

What we’ll cover:

  • 3 options for “personal branding” (self-promotional “look at me” is only ONE of them – you’ll love one of the other two!)
  • how to be “quietly successful” (and why you rarely hear about this option)
  • 2 introvert-friendly SKILLS you can learn that turn your “innie traits” into a superpower (no extroverting required!)
  • the SINGLE extrovert-like skill that will deliver out-sized results, is actually surprisingly introvert-friendly (and is totally optional if you don’t want to do it)