EP 57: Revealing our name change

In this episode we reveal our slightly new direction and business name.

We talk about how to create a YOU Shaped Business. A business that is aligned with who you are and what you want. We challenge some of the common business advice that is out there and talk about why it is so challenging for purpose driven entrepreneurs to get clients and make sales. Full transcript below.

Full Transcript

All right here we go. Welcome to episode 57 of the Georgee and Patty show. I am Georgee, I am Patty, and we are so excited today. We have made some changes. It’s funny, it feels like all different and still It’s kind of still the same. Um, but we have some unveiling and some sharing today.

So, um, I was going to do the quote of the day, but I have it on the slide now. So I’ll show this, we’ll share the screen. All right. We see it.. We have a new slide so we’re no longer staring at the moon and the stars. Can you see it?

Yes. Yes. Just this slide. Yeah. So we are excited about that. Um, as we talked about before, I’m kind of hearts and flowers. So I get my heart. Patty is diagrams and arrows and boxes, so she gets her arrow. Um, and it’s a little more colorful because we just really like to have fun. So there’s just so much more fun.

It’s so much more us. And in case you’re wondering about the amazing glamorous design Georgee did it for us. We’re so, so excited because today we are going to be talking about, the YOU shaped business. And the more we talk about things,
the more things come back to what we do is really all about this, this YOU shaped business. So we’re both going to be sharing kind of what, what are you shaped business means to us and what this could look like? And as we go through this, we’re going to ask you guys to think about what would a U shaped business look like for you?

What do you believe that is? Then at the end of this, we could have a little bit of a chat and see what comes up for everybody. So our quote of the day is “It is very difficult to have a meaningful life without meaningful work.” And we believe that these two things go together very, very, very well. You know, they don’t actually have to be separate I know for, I think for both of us, actually, our work is such a big part of our life. It’s just an extension of what we do. It’s a way to kind of express the things that are important and it comes out, through our work. So it’s not like, Oh, I hate my work and I have to leave it at the end of the day. When will this be over? It’s Oh, how exciting is it that it’s such a huge part of my life. So yes. You shaped business.com. Under construction still. Yes, yes. We’re getting there, we’ll get that. Um, so you do have permission to create a business that makes sense to you. And often this can be a challenging place to be and know that if you need a permission slip to do that, you just got that, because that really is it’s part of having this U shaped business. And we really believe that the people that are in our community and our circles and doing those kinds of things,

So know that you can do this in a way that makes sense to you, even if everyone else thinks you’re crazy, it’s totally fine
So the first part of this is kind of me, when I was thinking about what do I believe a YOU shaped business is?
You’re going to get my version of this first and then Patty will pick it up where I stopped. So the first thing about a YOU shape businesses is it’s created around you, around the things that are important to you. It’s designed to fit you, all your uniqueness, your quirkiness, your normal, you’re out of the box thinking you’re in the box, thinking whatever it is that really matters to you. The YOU shaped businesses is unique to you. You are the main ingredient in this design. And I love this because I was looking for slides and I got that. And Patty found this one It’s really important for those of us that kind of don’t fit into that sort of standard box.
That is perfectly awesome. Amazing as well. The other thing having a YOU shaped business does is it provides a vehicle for you to live your purpose. It’s kind of a way to bring your purpose to life. It becomes part of your, your lighthouse, your North star for how you show up in the world. So it allows you to live your purpose. And then another thing that it does is it allows you to align with your values. It’s a place where you don’t have to compromise your values. It provides a way of looking through the filter of your core values. You realize that, this YOU shape business, it fits all of them. It allows me to show up in a way that is in alignment with all of those things. They almost, I don’t really like the word rules, but they becomes the guidelines. It kind of starts to form the structure and the backbone of this business you’re creating. And when we start to build a YOU shaped business, when we look at our values, then we can go, okay, what’s going to work for me. And what’s not, I’m following this guideline. Not someone else’s description of how I should do this, or why I should do this or do this in a way that isn’t going to work for me. If it feels good because it’s aligned with my values, that’s the path I’m taking. So it really allows you to line things up from that space. The next thing with having a YOU shaped businesses, it really allows you to find the people who believe what you believe. And I often think sometimes we have to be careful with this statement. It’s not like I only want people who believe what I believe because I believe I’m right. It’s not that space.

It’s really that space of people who are aligned with your values, with your message, with your mission. And often what they’re doing is complimentary to what you’re doing. But you start to attract these kinds of people because we’re not looking for every single person on the planet, in a YOU shape business. We’re looking for the people that are going to fit with us.

So it really allows you to start to attract your community of what we often like to say, fellow misfits or people, where their edges of the puzzle fit your edge of the puzzle, but you really start to find your people. And it’s, we talked about this and I talked about this last, maybe last week or the week before, you know where it’s doing the kind of business that you want to do and not kind of going,

“Oh, these kind of people make money. These kinds of people need my help. That’s the kind of business I’m going to create,” but it’s really coming from the space of “What do I believe? What do I stand for? And then knowing that those people are going to be coming my way, those people are my future clients, and that’s what I’m looking for.

Then the next part of this is that it’s really, really fulfilling when I show up every day, really true to myself. And I build a business that’s in alignment with the things that are important to me and I’m doing the work that I want to do in the world, even if it makes sense to no one else it’s really, really fulfilling.

You know? And I think that’s the other piece of this is that it only has to make sense to you. There will be people who think you are nuts. Most likely there will be some, but when you slip into that place of knowing yourself, it’s like, yeah, I just, I know that’s it. And when we do that and we’re doing stuff that helps other people,
there’s a huge amount of fulfillment that comes into it. The other thing that’s kind of exciting about doing work that you really love is that it’s really, really meaningful. It makes a difference in the world and it provides an income for you. You get money, that’s going to support you to live the life that you really, really want. This money that you make from this business allows you to continue doing meaningful work, allows you to make an impact. I wanted to make the point that it’s not just about all the feel good and the purpose and all those kinds of things, but this U shaped business, it also has cash involved. And it’s not that we’re doing this for the money,
but this money allows us to do our work. It allows us to continue to make a difference. It allows us to do something that’s going to fulfill us. And because in the world that we live in money is the currency that we use. It allows us to create this life that we want. So, it’s an important piece of it so that we can continue doing our meaningful work in the world.

Now to do all of these things, it’s gonna take some courage. It takes a pretty large amount of courage sometimes to stand up for the thing that you really believe in, especially when other people are telling you, that’s ridiculous. There is no way you can do it. You have to do it like this. You’re doing this all wrong. That is never going to work. But when we’re in this U shape business, there is such a strong sense of inner knowing where we, just feel it. I just know it. And it’s easy to get sidetracked, which we’ll talk about this when Patty starts her piece of this. It’s kinda easy and sometimes you don’t even recognize it when you’re sort of moving off your path a little bit, because, well, this is kind of what people are asking for. It’s just kind of what people want. I guess this is what we should do. But when you start to pay attention and then you’ll realize, uh, Oh, this isn’t this. And then you shift and you shift and you shift. And sometimes it takes courage to do that and,
a real confidence in who you are and what you stand for. And to make this easier, having a support person makes it a lot easier. And even just having one person that believes in you, one person that will believe in your idea, they will get on the crazy bus with you and be like, okay, let’s see where this is going.

I’m all in can really, really make, make a difference. It’s so funny. Cause I often think of like when we’re kids we show up sometimes in this space and it’s just easier., I think of my daughter, she always used to love wearing dress up stuff.
And she had these plastic clunky, like high heel shoes. She loved these shoes. They were just play things. But she, always wanted to wear them out. Can I wear them out? I’m like, sure. Wear them out. I don’t care. You can wear them.
And my mom would be like, you can’t let her wear those things out. And I’m like, why not? Cause that’s just not what you wear. You know? But as kids to her, she felt like a million bucks in those clunky plasticky shoes because they made a lot of noise, right? So she went clunk, clunk, clunk everywhere.

So we can sometimes channel that inner child in us when we didn’t care so much about what other people thought. And we can bring that piece of courage out. It really makes this YOU shaped place really, really magical. Then the next part of this, we’ve got the courage. You’ve got the confidence when we’re able to step into this.

Whew, is this ever such a great place for growth? I think it’s one of the best personal development programs on the planet, stepping into this U shape business. When we do it though, we really start to realize our potential. We start to unlock a bit of that potential that’s inside of us. And I think ultimately we get to that real place of,

Knowing, there may not be logical reasoning for it. It may not make a lot of sense, but we know. And when we can become grounded in this knowing and lead from that place, we really start to see this YOU shaped business start to come alive. But to say that it’s always easy. Nope. For sure. Not always easy, challenging. Yeah, for sure. Worth it. Absolutely. Because I think if we look, a lot of the things we have in our lives that have been amazing and worth it, they haven’t always been the easy path. We’ve had a lot of growth along the way, you know? And so the U shaped business is no different,
but is it worth it 110000%? Because it really starts to allow us to step into the humans. I believe that we really are, and that comes through, some challenge, some uneasy times and that growth. So it’s there, it’s there underneath the dark cloud, we will find it. Then I think one of the next piece of this, which is kind of one of my favorites is that when you get a group of U shaped business people together, we create this sense of belonging, the sense of community. You start to find these people who are here doing their own thing, really making a difference in the world. You have space where people are accepting, you know, they’re ready, and willing to meet you where they’re at. They’re not trying to shove their things on you, but there’s this curiosity of, Ooh, tell me what you’re doing. I hadn’t thought about that. I’m so curious. That’s amazing. And it’s, you know, we often talk about it’s having this place to belong without fitting in. So you don’t have to change the edges of your puzzle to fit mine.

You can be exactly who you are and in this kind of community that we envision of all of these YOU shape people, it’s such a beautiful, magical place because we are all different because we all have different edges and different likes and are doing different things. And sometimes they might seem totally contradictory and sometimes they might seem complimentary, but it’s all completely okay.

It’s really that space of, and, and that gets me so, so excited about being a YOU shaped business, creating U shaped businesses, having a community of YOU shaped business people is the magic that can happen through this kind of collaboration, in this space of, yeah, I love it. Misfits. Exactly. We’re all kind of on this,
Island of misfits, that’s building bridges to sort of take over the mainland kind of thing, but it’s this place where we can come and just really get that sens of belonging. So that’s kind of how I see a use shaped business kind of from the inside and what that means to me.
it just fits. I love it. I am a U shaped business, you know, I’m so excited for where we’re going with this. Again, it’s not really different and it’s different. I think that is kind of a hallmark of what your YOU shaped business is. Because it starts in the middle,
like it starts with you, right? So if you look at this delightful little diagram here in the center, right there, there’s, you, it’s like it’s who you are, it’s what you want It’s what you do, who you work with and what The market wants. If you look at the relationship between all of these things,
I think the thing that makes a YOU shaped business different from any other kind of business, and I’m going to invite you to look for this. When you look at business advice and see where it comes from, but what I’ve noticed over the years is conventional business advice starts from the outside in, you want to start a business, conventional business advice says, do some market research, find out what the market wants, find a need in the market. Um, find the people who have that need, that are going to pay you and you offer something that is what the market wants and who you are and what you want. Doesn’t matter at all in this transaction. And it’s like, go out and do the market research.

And it’s like, okay, what do we need? Well, we need people to collect dog poop. Um, okay, I’m going to start a business of collecting dog poop because that’s profitable that that will, uh, uh, you know, the spreadsheet’s soul workout and I can make money at that. And it’s marketable. There’s a proven need in the market for it.

That’s kind of that conventional business thinking that doesn’t really take into account who you are and what you want. Uh, whereas in a, you shape businesses completely upside down. And it starts from the inside out. And this is, if anything makes what Georgee and I so different, it is, this is that it always, always, always, always starts with the person, what they want, what they are, it’s the purpose and the mission and the values and your strengths and your skills and your expertise and the business model that would make you happy, how you do what you do. And it sort of ripples out from the center. And so you make these decisions. First, you get clear about what you want and who you are and what makes you happy.

And you get clear about what you do and how you want to do it, and how you want to show up. You can decide who are the kinds of people that you want to work with. And this is not about defining an avatar of, you know, 35 year old women with three inch long fingernails who have a dog named Fifi. Um,
because that stuff doesn’t matter. This is more about what do they believe? What are their values? What is their personality? Do you like them? Do you want to get on with them? Right. so you make all of those decisions first and then you figure out, okay, how do I find those people who will pay for this?

How do I describe it in a way that they’ll get it? How do I build my business around that? And we take it from that perspective inside out, this is what makes it, you shaped. Um, so that means that we approach these things differently. You know, we approach, talking about this in a segment, we approach it differently.

And this is while we’re not, you know, as you’ll see, we’re not really doing a lot different from what we were doing before. Things haven’t changed very much in that big green circle, really, but everything has changed in that green circle in the middle. And that’s why we are excited because we are actually taking this U shaped philosophy that we put out there and applying it to ourselves.

And we just had this insight that, wow, we had fallen into the same trap that our people get fallen into all the time. As you kind of end up doing what everyone tells you to do, and you start coming at things from this conventional, what does the market want ? And we’d always known that our former business name didn’t quite fit.

It never felt exactly right, but man, we can logically justify it and make rationalizations and explain the heck out of it. Um, but the reality was we created a program name that was based around money because we knew on this outer green circle, that what people want and what you shaped businesses struggle with probably more than any other kind of business is how do I make some money with this thing?

How do I make some money with this thing in a way that’s palatable to me that works with my values, that doesn’t make me carve off my pieces that, uh, lets me work with the kinds of people I want to do and do exactly the kind of work I want to do in the way I want to do it. How do I make some money with it?

So we took it from that place. Like, let’s talk about money and we are still going to talk about money because it is important. And it’s what makes a business, a business, but we are not centering everything around the money anymore. And we’re letting go of a name that just isn’t a good fit and it doesn’t feel good. And I think that that’s really what we do as YOU shaped business owners, as we grow and evolve is we’re shedding stuff that doesn’t fit. And we are uncovering and discovering and finding what it is that we are made of. And thus the name change. We are partway through it. We will be moving to U shaped business.com. The old website will be all redirected over there. You can see that we’ve shifted some of the visual stuff.

It was just, I was looking at the two slide decks over the weekend and Georgee created this beautiful thing. Um, and I’m like, Oh, the old ones were so dark and so linear. And so business like, and how that dark green or dark blue corporate color do it. It’s like, it was never quite right. And like, this is fun and it’s colorful and it just fits better. So that’s where we’re moving. And this is kind of, this is what we’re inviting you to think about too. It’s like, what makes you happy? What fits, what feels good? And to pay attention, to notice when things don’t quite align, they don’t quite fit. It’s like those are hints that, that change might be in order and this is what we do. We grow and we evolve and we change. So this is, these are some of the changes we’re making. We’re sharing that with you live in real time as we do it. We’re not fully, we’re not fully out there the website isn’t finished yet, but we’re work in progress.

And in a way, not a lot has changed. However, you know, when we look at some of the stuff that you need to do for business, like market research is important, but we need to do market research in a U shaped way. Um, and that market research needs to be about how do we find a market to do the thing that we really want to do in the way that we really want to do it with people that we really like?

It’s a very different kind of market research from the old, find out what people want to buy and then offer it. This is more like go find the people who want to buy it and figure out why they want to buy it. This is why we’re so excited about the bridge assessment that we use. It creates the bridge between what you want to do and what they want too, but that’s not necessary in a conventional kind of business, but it’s absolutely indispensable when you’re in a YOU shape business. So market research changes and it’s just done differently. Same with blueprints and plans and strategies and things like that. As a U shape business, you need to do it your way. And at the same time you need some structure.

And you know, we’ve always been more about the concepts and the principles and just, this is kind of an overarching framework, but you need to fit in the individual components in a way that suit you. It’s not about cookie cutter stuff. It’s not about you being like us. It’s about how do we figure out, how can you be you and have it work?

And this is the space that we are playing in. This is the kind of work that we will continue to do with our clients. Same thing for cookie cutter. If you’re a YOU shaped business, cookie cutter programs do not work, done for you, does not work, following what somebody else has done and doing it in the way that they’re doing it in a conventional way, or just copying somebody else, , doesn’t work. It doesn’t fit. And it’s frustrating cause you look at the stuff and you go, yeah, this sounded really good on paper. But when I look at it, it’s not me. It’s like, it’s not me. I can’t send this message out in this way. I can’t accept this copy that was written by somebody else because it’s not me.

So it’s more work. It’s more effort to create a YOU shaped business. There is no shortcut, uh, there’s just that delightful, personal growth and development aspect of it, of becoming more of who you are. And a business is a great way, to get that additional, motivation training ground place to experiment and hone your skills and all of that. But the cookie cutters, aren’t going to do it. So we’re non cookie cutter it needs to be YOU shaped, ditto for this whole idea of, follow my proven blueprint, be exactly like me kind of a there’s tons and tons and tons of this out there, in terms of options for how to grow business, there’s a zillion ways. Zillion people teaching you how to make money by, by copying the leader and the conversation that Georgee and I had just this morning, before we hopped on this session is that often the leader of those businesses is a YOU shaped business., they are doing something that’s unique and that’s different. and then they’re creating a bunch of themselves. You know, you look at like white label kind of stuff, or you know, here buy my system, you get my copy, you get my branding, you get my programs, you get all of this stuff, become licensed to offer my thing. There’s lots of options for that.
And if that’s what works for you, great, but we know that that stuff doesn’t work for you shape business. And this is the YOU shaped hole in the market that Georgee and I are working in. It’s like, this stuff doesn’t fit well. What does this mean? Um, specifically, but what we’re doing, nothing,
nothing changes. We’re still going to be talking about sales and marketing because that’s, what’s required, to take what you do and make a business out of it. So we will always be talking about this stuff. It is the biggest problem that you shape businesses have, a lot of businesses really strive to be different.

They’re wanting to say, huh? How do I be unique? How do I separate myself from all of the other people who do what I do? You shaped business owners have almost the opposite problem. It’s almost like they’re too unique and people don’t get it. so sales and marketing is tricky, especially when all the advice says, chop off stuff, make a choice, define an age, figure out what the market wants, then offer that. Don’t worry about what you want to do, worry about what they want to do and what they will pay you for. So the sales and marketing is a big challenge for YOU shaped businesses. So we’re going to be talking about offering, working with their clients on marketing plans and strategies to fit,
to figuring out what are the pieces that make sense for you having the whole thing focused on building relationships, because that’s, that’s what works. That’s what we’re about. it’s definitely about building relationships. Connecting with the people, have your puzzle piece fit into other people’s puzzle pieces. It’s going to be about finding the right words because when you’re a YOU shaped business, you are unique, you are different. And sometimes that’s difficult to explain. Um, so we’ll be talking about that and about creating unique offers, unique programs, putting do your work in your way. So that’s kind of the practical side of it. That’s the lines and arrows side. And then we will be meshing this as we have been, but even more visibly with the personal development angle, which is more of the hearts flowers part. So I’ll let my partner talk. We will really be spending some time getting clarity about who you are and what you want. What’s your purpose, what’s your mission? You know, what are the things that really, really mattere to you and what could this possibly look like? So that it’s all designed to fit into that sort of space.Tthe next piece of this is values. I know you hear me talking about it a lot. So we’ll definitely be diving much, much, much more into that, identifying your values. How do we make them actionable? How do you use that as a filter for this business that you’re creating? Also we’re going to be overcoming the blocks and the limiting beliefs, the fears, the things that stop us, that little voice, that’s constantly saying I’m not good enough. I’m not sure I can do this.

Who am I to think I could possibly put this out into the world? Who’s going to listen to me, where am I going to find my people? Can I do this? So really looking at ways to recognize that and, you know, just overcome that to keep you moving forward. And then also just helping you to become the best version of you, whatever that might look like for you, right. Stepping into your potential. As I often like to say, doing those impossible things, because when we do the impossible, we suddenly realized how much more is actually possible for us when we do step into kind of our own superhero and the best version of who we can be.

So we’re going to bring that more, I guess, more vocally into what we’re doing instead of , it’s always been there, but it’s kind of been sort of this undercurrent that runs when it comes up where now, we’re just gonna make this a little more obvious. So those are the changes and questions, comments, elements of this that you’ve applied to yourself that you want to share with us.
We’d love to hear it. Turn the slides off. Yeah. Yeah. We love your questions. Comments, thoughts. What a you shaped business means to you? What does that look like? How would you see that? What are the pieces, that make a difference and that matter. So please, please do share because we’re excited.

what you’re makes perfect sense. Awesome. Awesome. It’s you know, it’s us doing the best that we can to, to walk our own talk. Uh, yeah, this is, you know, this is, this is what we’re here to do. This is the approach that we take. Yeah. I think it’s that, it’s that space.

That just, it, it feels good. It’s that spot of, of knowing, you know, um, and really being able to step into that and recognize it. Ah, now we get why that name didn’t fit so well. And those, those pieces and being willing to just move back on course, moved back on course. It’s OK.

You know, um, you can just go back to the lab here. I definitely need a lot of help with what you’re describing. You want to help with. Excellent. We love that. Well, it’s so great to be useful, right? Exactly. Oh, so good. And you get
to make a difference to people doing the stuff that you’re, you’re uniquely here to do. It’s, you know, it’s like, this is, I know for me, there’s this sense of being okay. With being, just showing up as me in the business and, um, that’s enough and for my right people, that’s perfect. And that’s all,
it’s like, I have my little puzzle piece and it fits into the puzzle and that’s it. Other people have their puzzle pieces and it’s like, it fits we all have a spot where we fit in. Exactly. And then it’s so cool. Um, okay. This transformation is fabulous.
“It really speaks to what you do. Thank you. How exciting this sounds perfect for me, connecting with people and building relationships is what I love doing the bridge assessment is so great and building relationships and feels so comfortable to do. I’m so excited. I have six amp up sessions this week. Can’t wait to see where it leads. That’s awesome. I love it.”

One more. Just book number seven. So cool. So, so, so cool. I was thinking about this too. You know, this is the other thing that makes this, YOU shaped business and the work that we do so awesome is like yesterday, one of our clients called during dinner,
it feels like friends. Do you know what I mean? Like it’s a Sunday evening. I’m making my dinner. You get the text. Can I call you? I have news. Absolutely. You know? And so I’m like, yes. So awesome. This is so great. I’m so happy that she shared it in real time, voice conversations.

It’s it’s I think that’s the piece of this for us. That’s what our YOU shaped business looks like. You know, for some people I get it, it is having more structured office hours. This is when you can contact me, this is when you can’t and that’s great. And like, for me, I’m like, ah, I love it.
I love getting those messages and being able to have the celebration maybe, cause I love cake, I ate cake yesterday for that one, for sure. I’m going to eat cake today for this and for those seven AMP up sessions, you know, but, but it’s being able to create things in a way that works for you, as opposed to sometimes what people say the structure should be like, Oh, if you’re that available to clients, they’ll walk all over you maybe in your world, but not in mine. I like it. It fills me up. It’s fun. Um, so, you know, it’s, it’s creating those spaces that really work for you.

So it’s so cool. So cool.”, it’s good that you like challenges, I’m going to be a challenging misfit for you to work with. yes, yes, yes. Oh my gosh. We can make that work, so that would be so much fun with it. So fun. So fun. So, so, so good. Yeah.
Yeah. Cookies that could be a little less hazardousto my backside growing, then I have a mountain to climb in November. So I gotta be a bit aware of that situation. I will have to do more climbing so I can eat more cookies and cake, something like that. But yeah, no, no doubt. And I think this is the other piece that makes it so awesome is just like we see,
you know, in the chat where people congratulate people and um, you know, so supportive and excited, literally excited for other people’s success. I think that’s what also happens when we start to create this community. You just belong, there’s just acceptance, you know, this, this space of Competition doesn’t really exist. It’s so, so,
so good. So good. I think too, there’s kind of, it’s inspiring to see people succeed doing something outside of standard business advice, right? Yeah. I think that that’s what gets me really excited about it. It’s like, yeah, this is, you know, this is, this is working, you know, people are offering services in their way, be unique, uh, being different and, and it’s working without having to be manipulative without having to have techie funnels and all this other stuff that people say you should have without following all of those rules. that’s inspiring. Cause we, we look and we go, Oh, Oh, up, they’re getting sessions, they’re getting sessions.

They’re signing up clients. This is like, awesome. I can do it too. Exactly. Exactly. Yeah. The support is, is pretty amazing. Yeah. It’s inspiring. It’s fun. It’s magical. It is. And you know what, like in terms of, it’s just something that I’ve been paying attention to. I just share it in case anybody else can get any use out of this is,
uh, over the last little while, like, you know, leading up to the name change and the switching things around a little bit, I’ve just been kind of pay attention to where my energy wants to go. It’s like, what do I feel excited about doing and what am I resisting? And it’s a question I’ve been asking in my own weekly review.
It’s like, what is it that I’m wanting to do? Where am I resisting? What do I want to do? Where am I resisting? Where is where’s the, you know, cause I, I was noticing places where I’m like, I’m kind of gung ho about doing something and I’m holding myself back. Cause I’m like, Oh, that doesn’t make any strategic sense that isn’t in alignment with the plan.

Right. And then there’s other stuff . I don’t want to do it. And it’s like, okay, we can look at that. It’s like, Oh, I’m broken. I need to fix myself. Or we could say, or how, what do I, how do I reconfigure things? So that I’m feeling excited about what I’m doing.
Um, I want to be excited about executing my plan and if I’m not, how was that? Or you shaped kind of a biscuit that’s right. It’s um, and that was just, you know, part of the stuff we were like, Oh no, it has to fit in this box has to fit in this box when it’s like,
screw the box.

Yeah, exactly, exactly. Um, Oh, this one chat. Yay. Um, it’s great to have the positive, comfy, cozy place to go with support, to help combat the outside. Yes, exactly. And that’s, we believe that’s part of our, of our mission I think is just to create,
create that space. Um, we need more misfits. Exactly. I believe that most people really want this. Like they really want to be themselves. Like if you look at kids, like you’re talking about kids, you know, kids don’t have this kind of the inhibitions and stuff like that, that, um, we get kind of forced it on us.
Exactly. authenticity, More authenticity. Exactly. Exactly. I like there’s a,” wow. I’ve been so challenged with building a U shaped business due to all my training being conventional. So many times I was told I had issues with authority because I didn’t want to do things that way. I found my tribe of weirdos. “ Absolutely. So cool.

So cool. So great. “Your rebrand new is exciting. I feel, I don’t truly know myself enough to put the unique meat into my business. What do you suggest to get me into an authentic place?” Such a great space. And I think first the awareness that you recognize, Oh, maybe I don’t know. Don’t know myself well enough to,
to how do I do that? And I think it always kind of comes down to getting quiet, learning, to listen to our inner self and you can start making a list of things. What are the things I love? What are the things as a child I actually really wanted to do. We were talking about this this morning too.
And I was like, you know, when I was a kid, there’s three things I really want it to be, I want to be an archeologist and astronaut or a teacher. Like those were my three things I really, really, really wanted to be the first woman in space, like really, really badly. Um, when someone beat me and I was like,
just a kid, I was so, so annoyed. However, I still love those three components. Right? The discovery, the exploration I’d love space still, you know, I’m watching the live stream of the space X thing. It was so interesting.
So I’m like, Oh, look how I’ve been able to kind of put these pieces into what I’m currently doing when I feel like I am really being true to me. I look at like these adventures in Nepal and how amazingly this is coming together. It allows me to explore in Trek and dig into some and, you know, get a little dirty,
you know, dig in the dust or whatever it is. But it’s interesting how these things start to come forward. So really starting to kind of take a look backwards at what were those things before I had all these filters and all of these beliefs and all of these things that say I couldn’t, what were some of the things that really excited me, you know?
And I think with what Patty was saying too, what are the things as we’re looking back, what is the stuff I love to do? Right. I feel like my energy levels are really high. What’s happening when I’m doing that stuff. What are the things I’m doing? Where I feel like my energy is just absolutely being drained. You know, let’s look at those kinds of pieces.
We’re starting to recognize this is a little more tricky, but starting to recognize when I talk about those lightning bolts coming in and wondering, Oh, I’m suddenly getting that sense of being anxious or getting fearful or something just doesn’t feel quite right. And then noticing what’s going on in those different times. But if you start there and, it’s a practice,
It takes a little bit of time acquire. I like to write things out because it helps me to, to gain some clarity with it. And then just start to notice as you’re going through your days. Oh, love that. Not so much that, love me some more of that, that I’ll be happy if I never had to do that again.

Um, and really looking at those, those different pieces and all the areas of your life, not just your work, to figure out how you can bring that kind of all together, you know, notice where you are also maybe, um, where, you know, you’re not kind of standing in who you are and what you’re saying, but you feel like you have to like,
Oh no, one’s gonna accept that I have to do this. Or I have to do that. Or I have to say it in this way. I can’t possibly say what I’m thinking. Notice how often you’re showing up in that place too. Because it’ll kind of give you that little bit of a clue, How often am I not being true to me because I’m trying to fit into someone else’s box.
That sometimes we figure out who we are by trying on some stuff and testing it out. And I have this image that now I’m going to make an image of this at some point, like an infinity kind of a loop. It’s like we spend the time in our self reflection, figuring out what is it that we want paying attention to our energy and stuff.

And then we need to be in that outside world, trying stuff, trying on clothes to see what fits it is just to try, you know, you go, Oh, here’s a way to market your business by, you know, doing live YouTube videos. I’m going to try doing live videos, right? Because doing it and then thinking about, can I get stuck in one part of the loop or the other without enough inner reflection, you end up just going through the motions, doing what people tell you to do that with too much inner reflection and not enough outer action. You don’t actually get all of the input that you need and you don’t get to test stuff and you don’t really have the data that you need in order to make better decisions. And it’s just, it’s that back and forth,
back and forth between these two States thinking, get reflecting, doing an experiment, do back and forth, back and forth that you start to figure it out. At least that’s been true in my world. And I think it’s also helpful to know which side do we favor? Cause some people favor outer action and some people favor inner reflection. And I know for me,
analysis paralysis, inner reflection, um, the more I take action, the more clarity I get and that’s not my preferred place to be. I would much rather sit in my chair and write notes in my book and think about stuff that’s for what it’s worth. I will throw that out there.

I will also say that Wednesday’s show where we talk about, personality stuff, um, can also provide some clues. So we’re going to dive into that a little bit on Wednesday. It’s so true. Like I was reading this thing about, um, about your brain too and how to keep your brain sort of open to possibilities. Cause we get so stuck in our loops of doing things the same way all the time,

Like I sleep on the same side of the bed. I get out of the bed on the same side, I brushed my teeth the same way, all those kinds of things. But when we try on different things, it also life a little exciting and open and that kind of stuff. So I’ve been working on getting out of bed on the opposite side of the bed.
And then last night I slept on the other side of the bed, but I didn’t get a very good sleep on the other side of the bed, which I thought was very interesting. Cause it was so outside of the comfort zone, I guess I don’t really know, but whatever that was. I think it’s,
trying different things. And I think this is when you’re, if you’re going back to those things of thinking about, Oh, what kind of things did I do as a kid? What kind of things do I love to do? And then taking action on something of how that could fit now and seeing what you discover. And sometimes it’s uncomfortable to move into taking the action. And there’s so much learning that happens in that space because then you get to figure out, Oh, I liked it. I didn’t like it. What was coming up when I was thinking about going to do this thing? Um, yeah. It’s definitely that movement between right. Reflecting stuff is coming up.
Action. Ah, cause things pop up, I believe in your head for a reason. So see what happens and know that you don’t have to do it forever. It’s okay to say not for me next. Like totally. Okay. Permission, slip, permission, slip. Yeah. It’s just like it’s okay. So good. Um, let’s see.

couple more comments here a minute. I love being unique. Being myself and unique makes fun. Keeps us happy and making a living out of it. Tthat would be awesome. Yeah, totally agreed. So good. Uh, the infinity sounds like a better description of that back and forth than a Teeter totter, which also comes to mind.
Yeah. It’s like a, we just keep going. Oh, I switched to the opposite end of the bed. Maybe I’ll have to try that soon. Um, during COVID I practice using my left hand. Right. So cool. Right. That’s I think it’s just some of these things too. It’s the thoughts that come up that really give us some insight into, what is the garbage that I am running or where am I excited about doing things and what stuff can I keep and get rid of? And it’s really an interestingly fun experiment.. I’ve lived in the have to shed for too long. Yeah. Yeah. So good. So good get out of jail free card. That’s right. There you go.

That’s so, so good. Well thank you for participating so much on our newest reveal for where we are. It feels at this moment, like it’s going to stick for awhile. Cause it feels pretty good on so many levels that’s for sure. So we, as always totally appreciate the comments in the chat, the interaction, the engagement, the showing up, three days a week is really, really amazing. We are definitely going to be working on taking this content and doing some more stuff with it so we can bring even more viewers to our show, get some more misfits in this community, have some more interactions.
So, we love that you do that. You do show up. That is amazing. If you know any other people that might enjoy this, please feel free to share it. So we can grow this thing a little bit and then Patty on Wednesday will be sharing awesomeness on personality types, Friday, our weekly review. I’m sure there’ll be big learnings this week have a fantastic day.
And we’ll see you back here on Wednesday