EP 51 Inspiring Interview with Iman Gatti

Real talk about what it takes to recover and bounce back from a horrific childhood with the author of Cracked Open, Never Broken.

Iman describes herself as a Queen of Falling Down turned Queen of Rising Up. In this interview: celebrating scars, the reality that opportunities are NOT equal and moving forward despite unfairness and injustice.

Growing a business, creating an impact, the ripple effect that comes from being vulnerable and sharing deeply. Patty’s notes below the video.

Patty’s notes

If there’s one of me – there’s millions like me

Sometimes your calling is more like a screaming

I was the queen of falling down, I became the queen of rising up

Shitty childhood: father murdered her mother in front of her, abused, neglected, violated as a child

On writing her book (memoir): not about how many people read it, just that I had to write it

What it means to make a difference: be a beacon of light, the ripple effect of impacting just one person

Do what not everyone is willing to do

Go all in for yourself

There is no “arrival” place – don’t be in such a rush

Celebrate your scars – we honour and celebrate veterans – why not survivors of shit childhoods?

It takes a ton of courage to do things that take so much of YOU

The deeper I exposed my vulnerability, the deeper I could reach people

The message we get that “this is available to everyone” (success, opportunity) is NOT true
– we’re not all coming from the same place
– use what you learn
– be humble and ask for help

I am a product of the “miracle of collaboration”

Talents come from hardship

All children deserve to be loved and told that they are awesome and can do everything. Most children don’t get this, some have horrific childhoods.

No one’s coming to make it up to you: it’s like someone robbed your house and you have to clean it up.

Our society is anti-self-esteem – maybe we SHOULD be full of ourselves

What are you willing to do?

We all want to be seen, loved and encouraged

Step one in achieving goals is willingness? Will you do what it takes?

Those of us with bad childhoods see asking for help as “losing” – need to have humility and ask for help/support

Choose a coach or therapist you like (doesn’t mean you will like everything they have to SAY!)

Take inventory: where are you at? Be ruthlessly honest. Tell the full truth. Take ACES score.

Take action. (You said you’d do what it takes.)

You’ll know when you’ve found your team – they’ll always be cheering for you.

People like me (us) don’t get permission. We don’t get invited to the table. You need to go chop down a tree, build your own table and invite people to it.