Not signing up as many clients as you'd like?
Feeling confused, frustrated or overwhelmed with your business? Book a FREE Clarity Session!

Does any of this sound familiar?

It's for YOU if any (or all!) of the following are true:

  • You're not bringing in as many clients as you'd like
  • You're feeling confused, frustrated, overwhelmed...or just vaguely dissatisfied with your business (something feels "off" but you're just not sure what it is)
  • You're facing a crossroad or big decision. Perhaps you're considering creating a course, a group program, a membership - or working with a different market (or maybe even starting a new business entirely)
  • You've invested a lot of money in a course, program, coach or rebrand - and it's not paying off the way you had hoped (or you feel stuck part way through and unable to execute)
  • You've been trying to "choose a niche" or "specialize your service" (because that's what all the experts advise) and you're resisting this advice because something inside you knows that you shouldn't have to! (THIS might just be our sweet spot!)

Get your "ah ha" breakthrough here

True clarity requires perspective: getting outside eyes and ears onto your situation - asking questions you hadn't considered - or pointing out things you aren't noticing.

It's hard to see the big picture when you're stuck inside the frame!

This one-hour-ish session is perfect for cutting through confusion, overwhelm and frustration.

What we'll do on the call:

  • Ask you some questions so that we understand you and what you want so that we can advise you appropriately (we don't do cookie-cutter advice - every biz is different)
  • Review your business through our 12-point assessment to pinpoint the problem areas so that you know where to focus (and what you can safely ignore!)
  • Share our 5-step marketing framework so that you can create a simple marketing plan that fits your business and your personality
  • Give you some recommendations about where to start and what you need to do

IF you'd like to learn more about working with us, we can chat about that. (This part is optional.)

Sessions are approximately one hour and we'll meet by zoom meeting.

If you have questions, feel free to contact us

Not comfortable with free?

We feel good about offering these sessions for free. It's part of our marketing to show people that we can help actually helping them.

That said...If you have chatter in your head that sounds something like this:

"I really think this would be valuable, but I'm not going to buy anything - so I'd like to pay something to compensate you."

We get it. You can click here to pay us $125 for the session.