The brand-defining magic of being yourself

As part of my research into a top secret project, I’ve been looking closely at people who have achieved significant success as a “personal brand” (ie: they’re well known in their industry, have some history/longevity and have a thriving business.)

These are the commonalities I’ve observed.

I want to go to a dentist who loves teeth this much! (And dresses like this!)

They found their groove.

They have a business model that FITS them.

They love offering it, they’re good at it.

The way they deliver their service aligns with their talents, strengths and personality.

They found their people. (Or their people found them.)

Their clients or customers are raving fans. Repeat buyers. Referrals. Enthusiastic and supportive.

They also have colleagues and peers who speak well of them and promote them/joint venture with them.

They figured out how to market and sell successfully.

Their marketing fits their values and personality: they can “pull it off” – and it works.

Mostly because…

They’ve nailed their messaging.

What they offer and how they help is crystal clear to their clients.

What they say (and how they say it) attracts the right people to them (THEIR people) – and repels the folks who don’t fit.

They have a strong personal brand based on who they are.

This is the core of authenticity: showing up as YOU.

This doesn’t have to mean “putting your entire life on display” (although that works for some!)

It does require showing some personality, sharing opinions and taking a stand.

They’ve found “their thing” and they’re doing it.

There is a bubbling up of enthusiasm or passion or a rock-solid grounded commitment.

There is a rightness and a LOVE for what they do that causes them to light up (even if their personality is more reserved and restrained!)

It’s hard to imagine them in some other role or business. What they’re doing is who they are.

This is the essence of a YOU-Shaped business.

Fully embracing and committing to doing “your thing” (whatever that thing is) – and moving forward with 100% faith.

Because you are doing what you were born to do.

And you KNOW it.