Weekly checkin

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How this works:

  • All fields other than name and email are optional. The more you share, the more we know about you and the more we can help.
  • You'll get an email back with your responses.
  • IF you are in Momentum, the "How can we help you?" question will be answered in next Tuesday's meeting. If you'd prefer to discuss privately, book a call!

Please send your checkin before 9:00 am on Monday so that we have some time to prep for Tuesday's meeting. If you want feedback on something you're written, please email it to pattyandgeorgee@gmail.com

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Batphone Connections

We trust you to book the type of call you need with the person best suited to help you out.

If you can't find a calendar slot that works, send a text and we'll figure something out.


phone/text: 604.358.4569

email: georgeelow@gmail.com

calendar: https://calendly.com/georgee/60min


phone/text: 778.789.0952

email: patty@pattyk.com

60-minute calendar: https://pattyk.as.me/coaching

30-minute calendar: https://pattyk.as.me/chat

Dynamic Duo

To email BOTH of us: pattyandgeorgee@gmail.com

To book a session with BOTH of us: https://calendly.com/10k/