EP 65 – Weekly Review

By Patty K | July 10, 2020

 In this weekly we review we talk about commitment to what’s important to you, creating a plan to make it happen and then executing that plan!

What are you willing to commit to for the next 30 days that will move you closer to the business and life that you really want?

EP 64 – All about funnels

By Patty K | July 8, 2020

This episode is everything you wanted to know about funnels but were afraid to ask! We discuss…what is a funnel? Different examples of funnels and how to created a funnel without any technology.

EP 63 – You asked…we answered

By Patty K | July 6, 2020

This week we answer some of your biggest sales and marketing questions.

EP 62 – ersatz Georgee, org charts and Mr. Rogers

By Patty K | July 3, 2020

In this episode: the reality that “running your own business is a non-trivial task” (org charts!) and 3 things we can learn about the Mr. Rogers movie

EP 61 – choosing a business model that fits your life

By Patty K | July 1, 2020

On the last episode, we looked at the practical and logistical choices for business models. Today, we look at choices around figuring out what you want and what you like.

EP 60 – Deciding what to sell & how to deliver it

By Patty K | June 29, 2020

When you create a YOU-Shaped Business, you need to choose a business model. Today’s episode looks at the practical considerations of logistics and money.

EP 59: build your will, divine timing and quality over quantity

By Patty K | June 26, 2020

Another fun weekly review! How to be the best version of yourself, 3 steps to success, the power of divine timing and quality over quantity (especially when it comes to direct outreach)

EP 58: personality and fascination

By Patty K | June 24, 2020

In this episode we talk about personality profiles and how you can use them to build your personal brand and enhance the communication with your current and future clients. Gaining a better understanding of who you are and the way you work can provide significant clues to creating a YOU Shaped Business. A business that supports the life you want.

EP 57: Revealing our name change

By Patty K | June 22, 2020

In this episode we reveal our slightly new direction and business name. We talk about how to create a YOU Shaped Business. A business that is aligned with who you are and what you want. We challenge some of the common business advice that is out there and talk about why it is so challenging for purpose driven entrepreneurs to get clients and make sales.

EP 53 – expectations, collaboration and learning from puzzling feedback

By Patty K | June 12, 2020

How expectations help or hinder progress, tips for effective collaborations and how to learn from puzzling feedback (it might be the most valuable kind!)