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Thoughts and ideas for building a business based on the work you were born to do - and a personal brand based on who you are.

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Interview with Karen Angelucci – healing, pleasure and dancing into your 90s

By Patty K | March 13, 2019

Interview with Karen Angelucci – talking about injuries and healing, the importance of paying attention to your body and how sefl-care is a necessity.

Interview with Tequila Dodard – working smart and being yourself

By Patty K | March 5, 2019

Interview with Tequila Dodard – talking about social meda, attracting your right audience and the importance of being you in business

What’s the best way to market my business?

By Patty K | January 26, 2019

Spoiler: there’s no one “right” way to market your business – here are 3 criteria to help you figure out what would work best for your business

The sweet-spot vs the black hole of doom

By Patty K | January 16, 2019

What you’re passionate about isn’t always the same as what needs to get done.

Our future clients are people. Maybe it’s time to stop using dehumanizing marketing language

By Patty K | December 1, 2018

Does resistance to marketing come from using dehumanizing terms to refer to our future clients? What if we started thinking of them as human beings?

Interview with Jayne Gibson – joy, creativity and customer service

By Patty K | October 16, 2018

Interview with Jayne Gibson – celebrant, energy healer and ghost rescuer – about blending unique services offers and providing exceptional customer service through creativity and loving intention

Interview with Nico Human – inspiring leaders and teams

By Patty K | September 21, 2018

Interview with Nico Human about building a culture of trust, having fun in business, the joy of helping people grow and the positive side of conflict.

Interview with Lynne Brown: how to make better decisions

By Patty K | September 12, 2018

Our decisions can have long term consequences. Lynne shares some insight into why we struggle to make good decisions – and how to make better ones.

Why transformational businesses struggle to get new clients – and ONE tip that can change everything

By Patty K | September 6, 2018

If you’re in the business of helping people or organizations change – marketing can be really challenging. Here’s why – and one thing to do about it.

7 lessons I learned from 30 days of Facebook Live broadcasting

By Patty K | September 4, 2018

I just completed a 30 day experiment with daily Facebook Live broadcasting. Here are 7 lessons I learned – including the one about getting cuter over time!